About CEAC

Mission statement:

CEAC’s Mission  is to work towards making Cochrane and area residents a more environmentally aware and active community.


CEAC’s objectives:

  • To enhance awareness and educate about our inter-relationships with the natural world and the impact of our lifestyle choices on the health of the community and the Earth’s ecosystems.
  • To identify and undertake the projects that encourage environmental responsibility and a sense of community.
  • To increase our effectiveness through partnerships and cooperation within local and global communities.
  • To encourage participation and foster hope in the challenge of ensuring an environmentally sustainable future.

CEAC 2016 Board of Directors

CEAC Board of Directors reflects a cross-section of individuals drawn together to support environmental education and action in the community .

  • Tim Giese, President
  • Amanda Jardine, Vice-President
  • Lyse Carignan, Secretary
  • Judy Stewart, Treasurer
  • Valerie McCracken, Director
  • Elizabeth Cole, Director
  • Laura Harper, Director
  • Jessa Kay, Director