Canada World Youth

CEAC has partnered several times with Canada World Youth to help deal with environmental issues in Cochrane.  Activities have included invasive species control (weed pulls), wrapping trees along Big Hill Creek to protect them from beavers, helping a the CEAC film festivals, and planing trees for the Cochrane Community Garden.

From 2009 -2011 participants under the guidance of Judy Stewart researched, compiled and then updated a local weed manual as a resource on the control of problem invasive species of weeds.   CEAC WEED MANUAL DOC FINAL10

In the fall of 2011 two students worked with Nic David to develop reference material regarding light pollution and potential means of reducing the impact.





Caroline Godfrey was the Mayor of Cochrane, and served on Town Council for over twenty years.  Caroline was instrumental in protecting the lands in the environmental reserve from proposed use as a road.  The park was named for her in 2004.  Her dedicated public service to this part of the community, enables Cochrane citizens to enjoy the natural beauty of the environmental reserve.

The environmental reserve was dedicated to the Town of Cochrane in the 1970’s when the Benchlands subdivision was developed at the toe of the Big Hill.  The land was left in its natural state for many years, as it is composed of the natural ravine system draining the Big Hill.  In the early 1990’s the lands were proposed as a location for a connector road from downtown Cochrane to the Gleneagles subdivision.  A major ravine in the center of the environmental reserve was filled during the cut and fill and stripping and grading of Gleneagles.

The environmental reserve was subjected to flood episodes, a mudslide, and wildfires.  Previous cleanup activities to address these disturbances resulted in a number of weeds proliferating among the natural plants and wildflowers.  Invasive weed species that should be controlled include thistle, toadflax and black henbane. Other nuisance species such as goatsbeard and spreading dogbane will be identified.

CEAC initiated a project with Canada World Youth to identify weeds (invasive species) in the Caroline Godfrey Environmental Reserve; to eliminate the weeds; and to prepare a set of webtools that would be used as a reference tool in the battle against the weeds.

The Town of Cochrane and the Cochrane Settlement Community Association provided support for the project.

From October until December 2009, young adults from all regions ofCanadaandHondurasbegan their two month visit toCochrane,Alberta. Here they took part in the Canada World Youth/Asociacion de Organismos No Gubernamentales (ASONOG) Exchange Program. During their visit they lived and learned with many host families in the area. They also volunteered in one of the many organizations in Cochrane that serve our community members. Some of the organizations included in the program were the Family and Community Support Services, Nan Boothby Memorial Library,GlenbowElementary School, Cochrane Boys and Girls Club, Cochrane Recycling Depot,MorleyCommunitySchool, and the Cochrane Activettes. These work placements helped the volunteers to learn many new skills and build invaluable relationships.

Travis DeCoste and Jocelin Garcia had the opportunity to work in association with Judy Stewart, in a partnership with Cochrane Environmental Action Committee (CEAC), to research and compile a manual for Cochrane called Controlling Weeds in Cochrane: A Manual for Citizens.

In the fall of  2010 Canadian and Peruvian students began their program in Cochrane with Canada World Youth/Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Perú (BVBP) Exchange Program.  Yoslin Mancilla from Peru and Jeran Kennedy from New Brunswick had the opportunity to work in association with Judy Stewart, in a partnership with Cochrane Environmental Action Committee to revise the weed manual.

The revised manual includes information on Alberta’s prohibited noxious weeds, and noxious weeds, but our primary focus is on controlling problem weeds that occur in Cochrane. We also include links to the current Weed Control Act and regulations, Cochrane’s Nuisance Bylaw and other helpful resources concerning invasive species.