Toki Thistle Pull

CEAC joined with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) Thistle Pull  event at the Toki property in Jumpingpound Creek, near Cochrane.  The landowners of Tokijarhpabi Holdings Ltd, felt that this land was a valuable historical, environmental and educational resource, important to protect and conserve for future generations. In 2000, these owners donated a conservation easement to NCC on 90 acres between the Tokijarhpabi lands and Jumpingpound Creek valley, creating the Toki property, also known as Tokijarhpabi Nature Reserve.

The property has been declared “Ecologically Sensitive” by Environment Canada. Its grasslands, shrublands, and riparian areas are essential for the survival of a wide variety of species. Mammals that have been observed on this property include coyote, grey wolf, red fox, black bear, grizzly bear, cougar, Canada lynx, and bobcat. Observed reptile and amphibian species include the Western terrestrial garter snake, tiger salamander, wood frog, and Canadian toad.

A weed control program was initiated by NCC and the Cochrane Environmental Action Committee (CEAC) in 2007.  With the participation of a dozen volunteers over 30 large garbage bags of thistles were pulled and removed from the site.  Subsequent visits in 2008 and 2009 with contingents from NCC have continued the attack on invasive species and successfully eliminated the thistle in select areas while significant reduction overall in the targeted locations.